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Delivery trailer

Concept is developed for click & collect services and other kinds of delivery services. Delivery trailer is a moveble locker system whose locker doors are openable by access codes. A van or some other road vehicle can transport Delivery trailer to the delivery site where customers collect their items from Delivery trailer.


Short presentation: Solution to last mile problem.pdf

How the concept works? Description: Problems and solutions.pdf

Delivery trailer is a versatile: Implementation options.pdf

Grocery click & collect service: Grocery trailer.pdf

Delivery types, a delivery point, and delivery plans: Enhacing logistics.pdf


Delivery trailer can be used together with conventional packet automatons. The figure in the below shows an example of a delivery point that includes one Delivery trailer and one fixed locker system, i.e. a conventional packet automaton.


Why to invest? Argumentations: Benefit analysis - DT50.pdf

Another benefit analysis: Benefit analysis - ConvL.pdf


Intellectual property rights (IPR)

Pickdelso Oy has pending patent applications for Delivery trailer: FI20165669, FI20176060, PCT/EP2017/072473, AU2018100216, AU2018100432, AU2018101188, and AU2018101189.

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